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Send to Receive Organization exist solely for the creation of new and innovative websites, or if we are sleepy we'll just try and make cute userfriendly stuff instead ^~^.oO( yesh cuteness makes the world go round and round), also we are privately funded trough our websites and we are 100% self sufficient, YAY!

So i guess what we are trying to say is that we spend... well most of the day coding and designing stuff that we find funny or wity in the hopes that someone will share our aquired taste and like the stuff and use the stuff and come back and tell their friends ^_^; and maybe pay for it or click on ads or make a donation if its reallllly awesome heheh.

Ohh and yeah we work under open-source standards so our work is always easy to use/copy and almost always free for everyone ^_^.oO( some future exceptions may apply hehehe )

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There are no such thing as a beta ^_^'

giggle \ Non Anonymous Imageboard \ Portuguese Search Engine and Directory \ Awesome Witty Metal Music Reviews \ Panties,Panty,Pantsu well its Hentaish Social Network \ Social Critique/Satire Blog \ Our Official Hosting Blog (also our hostname ^^') \ Hentai and P2P Search Engine \ Flash Dump for Loop Files \ Japanese inspired Flash Games \ Japanese Ecchi Related Dump \ Personal Startpage for Hugo Silva \ Clean One Page Web Directory \ Entertainment in Portuguese \ Portuguese Riddles \ Portuguese Recipe Site \ Portuguese Popular Sayings \ Portuguese Politics Portal \ Quick Sharing of Recipes \ Portuguese Charades \ Praia da Luz Portal \ Just sharing plain funny stuff \ MOAR KITEH SITEZ! \ Japanese and Anime Wallpapers \ Its this site hehehe Send To Receive ^^


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